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Homebody post 1 | 13th May 2022

Originally posted to @thenewartgallerywalsall Instagram page

This week I've begun a residency in the Artists’ Studio at The New Art Gallery Walsall.

I actually began a Graduate residency here back in March 2020... ending too soon with lockdown. Now I am back for Part II and I’ll be posting here each Friday. It's not a continuation of where I was - my life and my practice have gone through significant change since then - but this round in the Artists’ Studio will see me testing and working out this next chapter of my work.

During my residency, titled 'Homebody’, I'll be exploring themes of grief and slowness, with traditional craft making being held under a contemporary art lens. Expect crochet, fibre dyeing, spinning, and weaving, as I reflect on a series of photographs taken by my late father.

I'll be in the Artists’ Studio here on Thursdays and Fridays until the 26th June. Feel free to swing by (I have snacks!). I also have some new/related work showing in West Midlands Open here, opening on the 19 May and on until the 25 September - come along 💫

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