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Following the thread 🧵

Welcome to my ✨newsletter✨!

During my time as Artist in Residence for The New Art Gallery Walsall, I have been developing a weekly text for their Instagram page. These texts have really formed an extension of my thought process and my practice, and offer a greater insight into the narrative that I am working with.

With my final post for the gallery publishing this week, I wanted to open up this space where I could capture the texts that have already been shared, and also continue to follow this thread that has begun to unravel.

Follow the Thread is a weekly newsletter where I'll share some behind the scenes snapshots of my thinking, research and experiments. There will probably (definitely) also be pictures of my dog.

Here she is laughing at one of my jokes. What a good girl.

If you'd like to be notified of when a 🔥Hot New Post🔥 gets dropped, please do sign up to my newsletter here.

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