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Documentation of vitrine display
Visual summary of Homebody residency

by Mark Hinton @ Blend Film

Residency at the New Art Gallery Walsall

Words from the gallery:
Midlands-based artist Sarah Byrne was in residence at the Gallery from 9 May - 26 June 2022. In this display, she shares outcomes from her studio residency including hand-dyed and spun yarn, carded fibre batts, roving, and crochet, alongside examples of the old film photographs that inspired the work. These images were taken by/of the artist’s late father and were discovered posthumously in 2021.

Relating the process of making to the process of grief, Sarah shared her journey through reflective writing on the Gallery’s Instagram each week, combining personal observation and studio experiments with her Dad’s photographs digitally framed by her own crochet/yarn fibre borders and backgrounds. Sarah’s residency culminated in Lounge, an open studio make and chat event related to the themes of slowness, grief, time, memory and home arising from the residency work.

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